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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students by creating relevant science education products. Our passion is to show students the freedom that a strong understanding of science can provide.

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Crosscutting Concepts, LLC was originally founded in 2006 as Vandalia Science Education, a division of Vandalia Research, Inc.

In January 2007 we launched the first six modules in the Mystery of Lyle & Louise: DNA Typing, Bite Marks Analysis, Questioned Documents, Hair & Fiber, Forensic Entomology, and Blood Spatter. Over the next several years we focused on improving these modules, and designing new modules.

In 2010 we officially started development of six new modules, which launched in January 2011. They included Drug Testing, Gunshot Residue, Fingerprint Analysis, Bullet Striations, Blood Detection, and Footprint Analysis.

Finally, in October 2011 we launched the Fire Debris Analysis and Glass Fragment Analysis modules, bringing the total count to 14, and allowing instructors to build a full course curriculum in forensic science using the Mystery of Lyle and Louise.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, Vandalia Science Education grew dramatically, and in early 2012, it was determined that a new company, Crosscutting Concepts, LLC, would be formed. The company will continue to develop the Mystery of Lyle & Louise, as well as develop and market new science education products in other subject areas.

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