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Desolation: STEM

Desolation: STEM compels students to solve problems through a hands-on process involving design, development, evaluation, and improvement.

The first modules in Desolation, a series of kits for teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are now available through our store as well as through Fisher Science Education and Carolina Biological.

In the year 2040 the world's energy crisis has been mitigated. Nuclear fusion reactors power the electrical grid. The source of a critical element for fusion, Helium-3, is the moon. Government oversight of Helium-3 mining operations is a hotly contested issue in the international community. With the world on the brink of war, all travel to and from the moon has been suspended indefinitely.  Four lunar miners from the High Altitude Work Corporation (HAWC) are trapped at the south pole in a malfunctioning outpost with only their equipment, emergency rations, and problem-solving skills to survive desolation.

Your students must design, build, and optimize the necessary tools for the stranded astronauts to survive! Each kit contains suggestions for differentiated instruction, enough materials for 8 lab groups (up to 32 students), and is designed for grades 7-12.

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