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Lectures in Forensics

Crosscutting Concepts has developed a lecture series for each module in the Mystery of Lyle & Louise. A free preview of each module's lecture is below in PDF format. To access the full version PowerPoint formats of the lectures, please access via the teacher download portal.

Also now available is a suggested teaching order and timeline for all fourteen modules.

A Burning Question™ Fire Debris Lecture Identity Crisis™ DNA Typing Lecture An Inky Lead™ Questioned Documents Analysis Lecture
Bad Impression™ Bite Marks Analysis Lecture Natures Witness™ Forensic Entomology Lecture Patterns of Murder™ Blood Spatter Lecture
Prescription For Crime™ Drug Testing Lecture Read the Found Prints™ Fingerprint Lecture Shot In The Dark™ Bullet Striations Lecture
Stained With Suspicion™ Blood Detection Lecture Strands of Evidence™ Hair and Fiber Lecture The Jagged Edge™ Glass Fragment Identification Lecture
The Shoe Must Fit™ Footprint Lecture The Smoking Gun™ Gunshot Residue Lecture  

Please contact us with any questions or to advise of necessary updates to the presentations.

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Teacher Manuals

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