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Matt Moresea, Fairview High School
2012-08-29, 19:34
Upon implementing forensic science as one of our science electives last year, we wanted to find forensics kits that were thorough and gave the students an excellent hands-on experience into the world of forensics. The Mystery of Lyle and Louise kits from Crosscutting Concepts are very thought out and allow students to interpret the evidence that they find much in the same way that someone in the forensics field would. We have used a few of their labs including A Burning Question about fire debris as well as The Jagged Edge that deals with glass fragment analysis. The most popular of their labs that we have tried among students may be the Forensic Entomology lab as it allows students to analyze real specimens of various stages of specific fly species that might be found on a body at the scene of a crime. In addition to the great kits, anytime that I call their company there is someone available to help answer questions in order to help the lab run smoothly in the classroom. I highly recommend Crosscutting Concepts!

Matt Moresea
Biological Sciences Teacher
Fairview High School
Ashland, KY

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